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News from December 28, 2014

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As of 01 January 2015, there will be an update every 2 days.


Request Video Julia - The burglary Part 1 of 6

November 29, 2015 − Julia

8:40 minutes

Julia comes back from winter walk. Even before she can remove her clothes an intruder overpowered her. Julia quickly is bound and gagged. What is going to happen.



Request video Desire - the wrong buyer Part 1 of 3

November 27, 2015 − Desire

9:43 minutes

Desire wants to discuss with a prospective one housing. as it reaches mentioned location, she is threatened by a stranger and then bound. What does he want from her?



Noelle - In own home captured 1

November 25, 2015 − Noelle

41 images

Noelle has invited a chat acquaintance. But the meeting is different than planned. Noelle sees itself soon tied up with rope a prisoner at home .



Video Request Jessica - Abducted Part 6 of 6

November 23, 2015 − Jessica

8:18 minutes

Jessica wanted to make a winter walk. A stranger overwhelm her and ties Jessica in his hiding place. How to do well on.



Nina A - The Care Advisor Part 6 of 6

November 21, 2015 − Nina A

11:43 minutes

Nina is invited to an appointment. The man welcomes her in his home. But instead to seek advice for the care of his parents, Nina is tied up and gagged by Him. What is he planning?